Dan King
Dan King · October 6, 2021

Yesterday, the Institute for Justice (IJ) took home the “Best in Show” award in the Non-Profit category at the w3 Awards, one of the premier honors for “digital excellence.”

IJ’s award-winning video, titled “IJ Helps Ordinary People Fight Back,” was one of more than 1,000 entries, and was one of only 34 to receive best in show. The 2-minute video highlights the stories of several IJ clients, from various walks of life. It showcases their battles against outrageous government overreach and how IJ works to stand up for their rights.

The cases featured in the video include government attempts to seize people’s property, absurd licensing requirements that prevent people from earning an honest living, infringements on family’s ability to pick the education that best fits the needs of their children and many more.

“We wanted the video to show the wide array of people who are fighting for their rights and for the rights of others,” said Melanie Hildreth, IJ’s Vice President for External Relations. “This award is just one more way to recognize their courage.”

Most importantly, the video underscores how IJ gets real results for its clients. These victories protect everyday Americans and create lasting legal precedent that protect Americans’ rights for the long haul. As the video puts it, “We stand with our clients as they stand for the American Dream.”

IJ was one of 31 “Best in Show” winners, out of more than 3,000 entries. The award marks the 9th time IJ has claimed a trophy at w3, and it is the 58th honor or accolade for communications work in IJ’s 30-year history.

The w3 Awards are judged and sanctioned by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. They celebrate excellence in websites, marketing, video, mobile sites, social media and podcasts. The Institute for Justice is a non-profit, public interest law firm that fights to protect the rights of Americans in four key areas: economic liberty, property rights, educational choice and free speech.

To watch the award-winning “IJ Helps Ordinary People Fight Back,” click here.