Dan King
Dan King · February 28, 2022

HOUSTON—Today, a Harris County judge allowed Azael Sepulveda, the owner of Oz Mechanics in Pasadena, Texas, to open his shop while his lawsuit against the city of Pasadena is pending. The temporary injunction was granted in a suit filed by the Institute for Justice (IJ) challenging the city’s mandatory parking minimum law, which requires Azael to provide 28 parking spaces that he does not need and cannot afford to build. 

“For months, I’ve been paying a loan on my shop without being able to work there. I was worried my business wouldn’t be able to survive,” said Azael. “I’m so happy to finally be able to open my shop and continue earning a living for myself and my family.” 

“This is the first step toward ensuring that Azael, and all Texans, can start a business without jumping through unnecessary hoops,” added IJ Attorney Diana Simpson. “Pasadena’s parking minimum law serves no purpose, hurts small businesses and violates the Texas Constitution, and we look forward to further proving that in court.”