Andrew Wimer
Andrew Wimer · February 21, 2023

ARLINGTON, Va.— This evening, the Anne Arundel County Council will consider a proposal that would permit residents to create accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also known as mother-in-law suites. The ordinance would allow single family homeowners to convert existing space or add a small detached structure to accommodate additional residents. The Institute for Justice (IJ), a national advocate for property rights, will offer its support at tonight’s meeting.

Below are some of the remarks IJ Senior Attorney Erica Smith will deliver to the commissioners:

“Adding more supply is the only way to bring down rental and housing prices, so that our children and parents can still live in their home towns. ADUs also increase housing in a way that puts power in the hands of local property owners. This is truly a local solution.

“Other areas, including Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, have passed similar ordinances with no ill effects. Utah, Maine, California and other states have also passed statewide measures to allow ADUs, again, with no ill effects. Because they work, jurisdictions that legalize ADUs later end up further relaxing the ordinances to allow more ADUs.”