Andrew Wimer
Andrew Wimer · April 30, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Under a newly passed bill, Floridians will find it easier to start and run home-based businesses. House Bill 403, which has now passed both the Florida House and Senate, standardizes rules for operating businesses inside of a home. The bill bans city and county governments from regulating work that happens strictly inside a residence. Local restrictions on activities that affect the outside of a residence—including parking, noise or emissions—could continue under the new law should it be signed by the governor.

“Half of all businesses are home-based, yet many of Florida’s city and county governments have created unnecessary red tape preventing Floridians from pursuing the American Dream,” said IJ Florida Office Managing Attorney Justin Pearson. “These local barriers were already a problem before the pandemic, but even more Floridians have attempted to start home-based businesses during the past year, either out of necessity or because they felt the time was right. This reform ensures that no matter where they live in the Sunshine State, Floridians can start home-based businesses with confidence. We want to thank the bill sponsors, Senator Perry and Representative Giallombardo, for their work on both chambers’ versions of the bill.”