Update: U.S. Agrees to Drop Forfeiture Case and Return All of Charles Clarke’s Money Plus Interest

Institute for Justice · November 29, 2016

Arlington, Va.—Institute for Justice Attorney Darpana Sheth issues the following statement:

“The United States government has agreed to give Charles Clarke back every penny of the $11,000 it seized from him at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in February 2014, plus interest. Charles is very pleased that he will get his life savings back and that the whole ordeal is now behind him.”

“Civil forfeiture is wrong. It allows law enforcement to seize and keep property without ever charging someone with a crime. Even worse, it encourages law enforcement to seize as much money and property as possible by allowing agencies to keep the proceeds for themselves. The Institute for Justice will continue to lead the fight to abolish civil forfeiture and end this perverse financial incentive.”