Aleksei Kaminski

Operations and Community Relations Coordinator


Emory University, B.A. magna cum laude, 2020


Fulbright Association

Aleksei is the Operations and Community Relations Coordinator at the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship.

He is responsible for building the IJ Clinic’s reputation and presence in the Chicago community. He manages the IJ Clinic’s activities and oversees annual strategic planning, event planning, and marketing and customer relationship management strategies. He also plays a role in the IJ Clinic’s grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, and outreach efforts.

Prior to joining IJ Clinic on Entreprenerushio, Aleksei was a Fulbright Scholar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During his Fulbright grant, he developed a research project that analyzed voting behavior and public opinion in the 2022 Brazilian presidential election. Before pursuing his Fulbright grant, he also supported election-monitoring initiatives at The Carter Center and research centers such as, Hacks/Hackers. Aleksei studied Economics at Emory University, graduating magna cum laude in 2020. He speaks English and Portuguese.