David Warren

Senior Research Analyst

David Warren is a senior research analyst on the Institute for Justice’s Strategic Research team, where he develops and conducts research in areas central to IJ’s mission. In previous roles at the Brookings Institution and Indiana University, David published research on a wide variety of areas, including energy policy, demography, and federalism. Since 2015, David taught Urban Problems and Solutions at Indiana University, where he introduced undergraduates to the nuts and bolts of local government, including concepts and research related to zoning, policing, education, and other issues that feature prominently among IJ’s four pillars.

David earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, a master’s from the Ohio State University, and a Ph.D. in public affairs from Indiana University.

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Good Fences? Good Luck

4th Amendment Project | Open Fields Doctrine

Good Fences? Good Luck

Released in the Cato Institute’s Regulation magazine, IJ’s study “Good Fences? Good Luck” is the first study to put a number on the amount of private property vulnerable to warrantless searches by federal agents thanks to a…

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