Don Wilson

Senior Creative Director

Don Wilson leads the Institute for Justice’s award-winning production team. His exceptional design and organizational skills are evident in all of IJ’s videos, publications, reports and online materials.

He has written and directed several IJ productions such as Why Do So Many Need the Government’s Permission to Work?What is IJ activism, IRS Agents Rob Convenience StoreIJ’s Public Interest Boot Camp, a Weekend for Law Students, among others.

His work recently earned five awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication, including Platinum awards for IJ’s Four Pillars Society brochure and iconic “Hands off My Home” poster and a Gold award for IJ’s bi-monthly newsletter Liberty & Law. Don’s work on IJ’s website also earned a Webby People’s Choice award in 2010. Don received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Taylor University.

Prior to working as IJ’s Senior Creative Director, he owned and operated a web design consulting business as well as a skateboard store and park. If Don isn’t outside running with team IJ, he can probably be found spending time with his wife and two kids.

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