The Institute for Justice is the national civil liberties law firm that represents everyday people—free of charge—when the government violates their most important constitutional rights. We focus on the areas of the law that provide the foundation for a free society, and we win nearly three out of every four cases we file.

IJ was there at a time in my life when I had been through so much hurt and felt lost. They were a shining light in my darkness. I am so grateful there are good institutions like IJ that want to help people like me.
IJ Client Sylvia Gonzalez
IJ defended Sylvia after she was arrested and jailed for criticizing city government

How Your Donation Helps

  • Your contribution enables us to represent our clients at no cost to them—and to stand with them no matter how long their cases take. And when we win for our clients, we secure precedent that protects the rights of all Americans.
  • IJ receives no money from the government. Our work is powered by nearly 10,000 supporters across the country who believe in the Constitution and the ideals it enshrines. 70% of our funding comes from individuals like you.
  • There is no better investment for defending liberty than IJ. We have litigated more than 300 cases on behalf of more than 1,000 people and turned once obscure issues like civil forfeiture and eminent domain abuse into subjects of national outrage. And IJ is a good steward of donor money, having received Charity Navigator’s top rating 20 years in a row.