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Since opening its doors in 2011, IJ-FL has become a dynamic force for liberty in the Sunshine State. It works to vindicate the free speech, economic liberty, school choice and property rights for all Floridians.

For instance, the Miami-based office fights to protect the free-speech and economic-liberty rights of entrepreneurs. IJ-FL is currently challenging the state’s skim milk labeling laws on behalf of a small creamery in the Florida Panhandle. The creamery was forced to stop selling its all-natural skim milk because it refused to use a government-mandated label that would mislead and confuse its customers.

IJ-FL is also fighting to protect the economic-liberty rights of other Floridians. IJ-FL’s first case, representing flower vendors in Hialeah who face burdensome regulations designed to prevent them from earning an honest living, is still ongoing. Additionally, IJ-FL is representing a Tampa-based transportation entrepreneur who is trying to grow his business but is prohibited by the government from offering customers a more affordable transportation option.

IJ’s Florida office also fights for its clients when educational freedom is under attack. It is representing six families who rely on Florida’s popular Tax Credit Scholarship and McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities for their children to attend private schools. The programs are being challenged in court and trial is scheduled for March 2016.

And IJ-FL is on the front lines to protect property rights in the state. It is representing homeowners in Miami Shores Village who are challenging the village’s front-yard vegetable garden ban.

In addition to litigation, IJ-FL testifies before the Florida legislature and uses media and outreach to promote the message of liberty. In 2014, it released Florida’s Dirty Dozen: Twelve Repealers That Can Boost Business, Create Jobs, and Change Florida’s Economic Policy for the Better, a report that highlighted 12 laws that should be repealed to help small businesses. IJ-FL is also involved with helping food trucks around the state overcome needless barriers to competition to make Florida a tastier and more prosperous place to live and work.

Finally, IJ-FL attorneys travel the state, speaking and training future attorneys and activists. If you would like an attorney from IJ’s Florida office to speak to your school or organization, or if you are a law student interested in clerking at IJ, please contact rramirez@ij.org.

Directions to IJ-Florida office

The Institute for Justice Florida office is located in Miami:

2 South Biscayne Boulevard
Suite 3180
Miami, FL 33131

Phone: (305) 721-1600
Fax: (305) 721-1601

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