Brady George

Brady George lives in Martinsville, Texas, near Nacogdoches, and has spent decades raising and competing with horses.  Brady holds a certification from the Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry in Weatherford.  He has been floating and extracting horse teeth since 2003.  In his career, he has treated approximately 2,500 horses.  Brady works full time for a manufacturing firm near his home and offers equine dental services after work and on weekends.

  • August 28, 2007    |   Economic Liberty

    Texas Equine Dentistry

    Challenging Texas’ Elitist Veterinary Cartel

    Independent and self-reliant Texans have been taking care of their horses for a long time without unnecessary government meddling. But bureaucrats in Austin have concocted a monopolistic licensing scheme to protect a cartel of veterinarians that puts Texas entrepreneurs out of work while forcing horse owners to pay more for lower-quality care. The Texas State…

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