Brian Peffer

Brian Peffer owns and operates “Creative Chef on Wheels.” Brian’s claim to fame is that regardless of what is on his menu, he can, and will, come up with any variation the customer requires to satisfy their tastes or dietary restrictions. Brian has been all over the world, working in the culinary industry as he traveled, and he has brought those skills home to provide a creative food truck experience. Brian simply wants to compete to provide his customers with the best food and service he can, but Fort Pierce, Florida’s 500-foot ban stops him from competing before he gets the chance.

  • December 6, 2018    |   Economic Liberty

    Fort Pierce Food Trucks

    Food Truck Owners Challenge One of the Most Anti-Competitive Vending Restrictions in the Country

    Fort Pierce’s business owners keep inviting food truck owners Benny Diaz and Brian Peffer to set up on their properties. The business owners know that legions of fans follow Benny’s Taco Trap and Brian’s Creative Chef on Wheels food trucks everywhere they go. But Benny and Brian cannot accept any invitations to serve food because…

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