Caryn Armijo

Caryn Armijo began her work in interior design as a second career after working at the University of New Mexico for 25 years.  She retired in 1995 and in 2000 opened Caryn Armijo Interiors.  To improve her business and her knowledge of the industry, in 2001 Caryn began studying interior design through the Sheffield School of Interior Design, a distance-learning center based in New York.  Over a three-year period, Caryn completed the Sheffield course of study—an extensive, step-by-step course in interior design involving written, audio and video media.  Sheffield’s distance-learning program enables participants to have their work reviewed by professional designers each step of the way.  Caryn’s experience with Sheffield—as well as her love of the industry and her determination—have allowed her to maintain a successful business offering services throughout the Albuquerque area.

  • September 7, 2006    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    New Mexico Interior Design

    Challenging New Mexico’s Licensing of Speech For Interior Designers

    New Mexico interior designers are now protected from the state’s interference in their business and speech, thanks to the Institute for Justice’s successful challenge to the state’s “title” restriction. The title law prevented individuals who practice interior design from calling themselves interior designers unless they first obtained an expensive and increasingly difficult-to-secure government license. Importantly,…

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