Celeste Kelly

Celeste Kelly has spent her entire life around horses and found it only natural to work with horses when looking for a career change. About ten years ago, she began to study equine massage. She successfully completed her first course in equine massage in 2003 from Aspen Equine Studies, which privately certified her. She continued to take courses and obtain private certifications, including a 120-hour course from a school in Connecticut, and a 20-hour seminar in Phoenix. Celeste built her business—Hands to Wholeness—from the ground up. She developed a devoted client base in and around Tucson, which expanded primarily through word-of-mouth referrals from clients and veterinarians. The goodwill she fosters is a testament to the quality of her services and her devotion to her craft.

  • March 5, 2014    |   Economic Liberty

    Arizona Animal Massage

    Animal Massage Therapists Now Free to Practice Their Craft in Arizona

    Massage therapists do not need a medical degree to massage humans, but entrepreneurs who want to massage animals in Arizona must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend four years of veterinary school where they are not even required to learn animal massage.

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