Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, a third-generation horse teeth floater from Hutchinson, Minn., can offer a more cost-effective service because, unlike veterinarians who use expensive but unnecessary sedatives and power tools, Chris calms the horse naturally and floats his teeth manually using a simple file.  The traditional occupation of horse teeth floating can offer a lifetime of opportunity for rural Minnesotans who, like Chris, love horses.

  • August 16, 2006    |   Economic Liberty

    Minnesota Horse Teeth Floating

    Challenging Barriers To Economic Opportunity: Challenging Minnesota’s Occupational Licensing Of Horse Teeth Floaters

    Veterinarians have captured Minnesota’s Board of Veterinary Medicine and are using its power to exclude competitors no matter how small the market or how low-risk the area of animal care. An example of this is the crackdown on so-called “horse teeth floaters”—individuals who manually file down points and level a domestic horse’s teeth.  (Horses need…

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