Chris Pagan

Chris lives in Glendale, Ohio, with his wife, Dr. Carol Choi, and their young son, Brennan.  He practices law in nearby Middleton where he is a partner at Repper, Powers & Pagan, a firm he joined in 1997 and where he was recently made partner.  He also spent three years as a city prosecutor after he graduated from law school in 1992.

Despite his devotion to his family, his thriving practice and his Cincinnati Reds, Chris finds time to give back to his community.  He volunteers for Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor, and serves as the President of the Butler County Public Defender Commission.  Chris is also a mentor with the Ohio State Bar.  Finally, in his what little spare time that remains, he sits on the Board of Trustees of the Butler County Bar Association, and serves as the chairman of several committees.

  • July 30, 2003    |   First Amendment

    Glendale, OH Free Speech

    Banning “For Sale” Signs: The Latest Sign of a Growing Nanny State

    In July 2003, the City of Glendale, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, threatened Chris Pagan with a hefty fine and even jail time because he put a “for sale” sign in the window of his car.  Glendale bans the words “for sale” from parked cars because it thinks people will walk into traffic and get…

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