Essence Farmer

Essence Farmer, is an Arizona native who started braiding hair when she was 10 years old and who has braided hair on a regular basis since 1996. Essence began braiding out of her parents’ West Valley home, serving five to six clients each week for her first two years. By 1999 and into 2000, Essence was weekly braiding numerous clients, primarily for a male clientele, including people who were traveling from the East Valley to get their hair braided.

Essence moved to Maryland in 2000 to attend Prince George’s Community College. In Maryland, she worked at Blowouts Salon and a barbershop, Hairstons, braiding many clients per week. Essence returned home to Arizona and opened a salon specializing strictly in braiding and natural hair locks.

  • December 8, 2003    |   Economic Liberty

    Arizona Hair Braiding

    Challenging Barriers To Economic Opportunity

    The Institute for Justice Arizona Chapter helped secure a major economic liberty victory for Essence Farmer and other aspiring natural hair braiders in Arizona when the state legislature passed in April 2004 a law exempting braiders from the State’s cosmetology licensing scheme. Arizona’s Board of Cosmetology had required individuals who practice natural hair braiding, but…

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