Hector Ricketts

When Hector Ricketts lost his job as director of support services in a hospital, he was worried about how he would support his wife and three children. Instead of losing hope, however, he began to devote all of his energies to running Queens Van Plan, Inc., a company that provides van service in Queens, New York. He also became a community leader, serving as the President of the Interborough Alliance for Community Transportation, and an outspoken advocate for community-based transportation services. More than 50 men and women make a living driving Queens Van Plan vans, and thousands more depend on his vans for reliable and secure transportation services.

  • February 11, 1997    |   Economic Liberty

    New York Vans

    Challenging Barriers to Economic Opportunity: Hector Ricketts v. City of New York

    Rather than accept public handouts after he lost his job, Hector Ricketts went into business for himself driving jitney vans.  He founded Queens Van Plan, Inc., to provide much-needed reliable van service to low-income communities in New York that are isolated by inferior, expensive public transportation.  Hector’s vans—and those of other small companies—not only put…

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