Joel Mozersky

Joel Mozersky is one of the top names in the design community in Austin and his talents have graced a variety of Austin landmarks.  For example, through his company, One Eleven Design, Joel designed the interior of one of Austin’s hippest restaurants, Uchi, and he also designed the home that was used for MTV’s “Real World” show when it came to Austin.  Joel, who has an Art History degree and an MBA, never studied interior design in college; he believes that interior design is a “profession based on talent, not education.”  Joel’s talent and hard work often garner media attention, and the website Citysearch named him Austin’s best interior designer in 2006 and 2007.

  • May 9, 2007    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Texas Interior Design

    Challenging Texas’ Licensing of Speech For Interior Designers

    Vickee Byrum is an interior designer, but, remarkably, the State of Texas insists that she keep that fact a secret. While anyone in Texas may legally provide interior design services, state law dictates that only those with government-issued licenses may call themselves “interior designers” or use the words “interior design” to describe what they do.…

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