Kim Powers

Kim Powers is a mother, a native Oklahoman, and a third-generation businesswoman.  Kim’s mother and her grandmother before her both owned restaurants in Ponca City, and Kim now seeks to add her own chapter to that legacy of entrepreneurship and self-reliance.  After joining one of the country’s largest funeral service providers, Kim quickly distinguished herself as a rising star in the company’s male-dominated ranks. Along with Dennis Bridges, she founded Memorial Concepts Online to sell funeral merchandise directly to the public nationwide.

  • March 14, 2001    |   Economic Liberty

    Oklahoma Caskets

    Requiem for a Cartel: Challenging Oklahoma’s Casket Monopoly

    In the spring of 2001, Kim Powers, of Ponca City, Oklahoma, and Dennis Bridges, of Knoxville, Tennessee, launched Memorial Concepts Online (www.memorial conceptsonline.com), a company that provides high-quality caskets to consumers across the nation at a discount price.  But Oklahoma is one of a half-dozen states that shuts out potential competitors by requiring anyone who…

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