Leslie Massony

Leslie has been working in the New Orleans floral industry and arranging flowers since 1983. Leslie took the exam two years in a row (in the early 1990s) and failed both times. Leslie desires to do freelance work, but Louisiana law prohibits unlicensed individuals from arranging and selling flowers unless they are working for a business that employs a state-licensed retail florist.

  • March 4, 2010    |   Economic Liberty

    Louisiana Florists (new challenge)

    Freeing Louisiana Florists: Licensing Law is Blooming Nonsense

    Until four Louisiana florists teamed with the Institute for Justice to file a lawsuit, Louisiana was the only state in the nation that required would-be entrepreneurs to pass a licensing exam before they could create and sell floral arrangements.  Only a few months after filing a civil rights lawsuit, Chauvin v. Strain, in the U.S.…

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