Lillian Anderson

Five years after immigrating to the U.S. from Cameroon, Lillian Awah Anderson opened Extensions Plus. Lillian built a successful business the old-fashioned way, by working hard to establish a loyal clientele. She serves men and women of all races.

Extensions Plus is a clean, professional salon that specializes strictly in braiding, weaving and natural hair styles—skills Lillian learned from a local school in Buea, Cameroon. To practice her skills as a teenager, Lillian and her two sisters would sit in a circle and braid each other’s hair. Lillian strongly believes that these techniques celebrate a connection to her family and African culture. Lillian considers her services to be far more than cosmetic. Indeed, part of Lillian’s mission is to teach her customers the value of natural hair care as an emotional and spiritual pilgrimage deserving of love and respect as an ancient African art form.

  • April 20, 2005    |   Economic Liberty

    Minnesota Hair Braiding

    Challenging Barriers To Economic Opportunity: Untangling African Hair Braiders from Minnesota's Cosmetology Regime

    To practice their craft, African hair braiders in Minnesota must enroll in 1,550 hours of government-mandated “training” that does not include even one hour of instruction in braiding.  They must also take State-mandated examinations that do not test for braiding skills.  Any braider who refuses to secure a government license can face up to $1,000…

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