Lynne Herrmann

Lynne Herrmann is a working mother of three and grandmother who decided she wanted a change of pace from the high-pressure, high-turnover world of computer consulting and management, where she had risen to vice president of a computer software company.  Lynne comes from a long line of self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesspeople in Georgia, including a grandmother who ran a hotel.  She considers it the right of every citizen to pursue their own version of the American Dream through hard work, vision and—most importantly for this case—freedom from arbitrary and unreasonable government regulation.

When she decided to get out of computer consulting, Lynne returned to her passion for decorating—something she had as a young woman.  She considered a variety of alternatives, but ultimately decided to open her own Decorating Den franchise in Newtown, Connecticut. Running her own business has not been easy; indeed, Lynne sometimes puts in 80 to 90 hours, seven days a week.  Still, Lynne loves the freedom and creativity that come with running her own interior design business, and she is following her American Dream.

  • September 9, 2008    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Connecticut Interior Design

    Challenging Connecticut’s Licensing of Speech For Interior Designers

    Susan Roberts is an interior designer, but the state of Connecticut will not allow her to tell anyone that.  This is because Connecticut has a law that allows anyone to perform interior design services, but dictates that only those with government-issued licenses may call themselves “interior designers.”  Besides unconstitutionally censoring truthful commercial speech, “titling laws”…

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