Michelle Przybocki had digestive issues that were so bad she had a near-death experience. This forced her to go on a strict “low-FODMAP” diet, which is a diet composed of foods that are easier for some people to digest.

Under current regulations from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), businesses are not allowed to label products as “low-FODMAP,” even if the statement is factually true. The reason? “Low-FODMAP” is not on the government’s outdated list of pre-approved “nutrition claims.”

These restrictions violate the First Amendment rights of Michelle and of businesses who want to truthfully market their products as low-FODMAP. The regulations also make it harder for those with sensitive stomachs to find low-FODMAP foods. That’s Michelle and Gourmend Foods owner Ketan Vakil have teamed with IJ to file a federal lawsuit against this label censorship.

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