Rolando “Angel” Martinez

Rolando “Angel” Martinez was born in the United States and has been threading for 14 years.  What started as a part-time high school job has turned into a career.  He boasts a loyal clientele of nearly 600 people—including many licensed estheticians.  Angel loves working as a threader and does not want to go to cosmetology school and take completely irrelevant courses.

  • June 29, 2011    |   Economic Liberty

    Arizona Eyebrow Threading

    Will Arizona Courts Leave Protection of Individual Liberty Threadbare?: Arizona Eyebrow Threaders Fight Irrational Licensing Scheme

    Eyebrow threading is very popular in Arizona.  Threading is a natural and safe method of hair removal that uses a single strand of cotton thread to remove unwanted hair, most commonly from the eyebrows, with no chemicals, dyes, hot wax or sharp objects.  But state officials have decided that threaders cannot practice their trade without…

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