Saad Malik

Saad rented a cab for years in Milwaukee. Saad did not win a permit in the city’s lottery, but his mother did, which has enabled him to drive a cab for his family since June 2014. He dreams of owning more cabs one day, and now can do so because of the cap’s complete repeal.

  • August 25, 2014    |   Economic Liberty

    Milwaukee Taxis 2

    Cabbies Fight for Freedom: Victorious Cab Drivers Head Back to Court for Second Showdown with Milwaukee’s Taxi Cartel

    In response to an IJ lawsuit, Milwaukee lifted its cap on the number of taxis. But the city’s powerful taxi cartel sued to block this reform. Now two cab drivers have again joined with IJ to ensure that the new ordinance takes effect and that they are free to own their own cabs.

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