Saleemah Salahud-Din Shabazz

Saleemah was born in the United States. She learned her braiding skills as a member of the African American community, benefiting from cultural knowledge that has been passed down through the generations. Saleemah has developed and maintained valuable client relationships with prominent members of the African American community in the Twin Cities.

  • April 20, 2005    |   Economic Liberty

    Minnesota Hair Braiding

    Challenging Barriers To Economic Opportunity: Untangling African Hair Braiders from Minnesota's Cosmetology Regime

    To practice their craft, African hair braiders in Minnesota must enroll in 1,550 hours of government-mandated “training” that does not include even one hour of instruction in braiding.  They must also take State-mandated examinations that do not test for braiding skills.  Any braider who refuses to secure a government license can face up to $1,000…

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