Sherry Franzoy

March 12, 2015

Working in interior design had long been Sherry Franzoy’s dream.  But it wasn’t until after a divorce, when she was suddenly thrust in the position of having to provide for herself, that she finally pursued that dream.  With the nearest design school more than 200 miles away, however, even if the Las Cruces native could have afforded the time and expense of attending school, her dream still seemed out of reach.  Thankfully, Sherry learned of a franchising opportunity with Interiors by Decorating Den, an international company with more than 500 franchises in operation.

Interiors By Decorating Den has high standards for its franchisees.  Before being allowed to open a store, Sherry had to pass five rigorous tests covering the spectrum of operating an interior design business, including interior design work, people skills, finance, entrepreneurship and business math.  Sherry passed those tests and opened her store in 2000.

Sherry is celebrating her sixth year in the business she runs out of a home office and a van emblazoned with the “Interiors by Decorating Den” logo.  She loves what she does.   Sherry specializes in working with the many “transplants” who flock to the Southwest from other parts of the country and need insight on how to design and decorate their homes to fit in with the Southwestern style.  Sherry provides that insight and has a long list of happy and satisfied customers.