Stacy Beduhn

Stacy lives in Outagamie County with her son. Stacy used to run a small daycare, but she had to close it because of the pandemic. Stacy started her own home bakery, “Sweet Creations by Stacy,” soon after the first lawsuit’s victory in 2017. Since the start of the pandemic, she has started focusing on it full-time, with customers picking up their cake orders from Stacy’s porch.

Stacy’s customers often request her homemade, non-baked shelf-stable desserts—like chocolates or fudges—but Stacy has to decline. Wisconsin won’t allow her to sell these foods.

  • February 11, 2021    |   Economic Liberty

    Selling homemade foods is a great way to support your family—unless you’re in Wisconsin. Wisconsin bans the sale of many homemade foods, including common and shelf-stable foods like candies, chocolates, granola and roasted coffee beans. For those who would dare sell, say, a piece of fudge made in their home kitchen, the punishment includes up…

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