Susan Roberts

After her first career as a bookkeeper for a variety of small businesses, Susan began taking classes at the Connecticut Institute of Art and Design.  It was supposed to be a two-year program, but Susan needed to make money to support her family, so she opened an antique store and interior design shop called the “Idea Factory” on Main Street in Old Saybrook.  Her business thrived, and Susan found herself doing interior design projects for residences, medical offices, hospitals and other businesses.

  • September 9, 2008    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Connecticut Interior Design

    Challenging Connecticut’s Licensing of Speech For Interior Designers

    Susan Roberts is an interior designer, but the state of Connecticut will not allow her to tell anyone that.  This is because Connecticut has a law that allows anyone to perform interior design services, but dictates that only those with government-issued licenses may call themselves “interior designers.”  Besides unconstitutionally censoring truthful commercial speech, “titling laws”…

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