Tasos Kariofyllis and Steve Barraco

Tasos and Steve are the co-founders of Smile Bright, a Connecticut-based company that, before the Dental Commission’s ruling, offered teeth-whitening services in spas and salons. Their company has loads of satisfied customers and has been featured repeatedly on local news. But in response to the Dental Commission’s ruling, Smile Bright has stopped offering its services through spas and salons. Instead, Tasos and Steve limited their business to selling a teeth-whitening kit for home use, which remains legal.

  • November 16, 2011    |   Economic Liberty

    Connecticut Teeth Whitening

    A Reason to Smile in the Constitution State: Entrepreneurs Challenge Connecticut’s Teeth-Whitening Monopoly

    Connecticut’s prohibition on non-dentist teeth whitening was never about protecting consumers; it was about protecting dentists from honest competition.

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