Terry Dehko and Sandy Thomas

March 11, 2015

Tarik Dehko, who goes by “Terry,” came to America for a better life from Iraq in 1970.  He started a family near Detroit, and, in 1978, he bought Schott’s Supermarket, which has put food on his family’s table for more than thirty years.  Terry’s daughter Sandy started helping around the store at age 12 and now has four children of her own.  At age 70, Terry still works six days a week and can hardly imagine what else he would do with his time.  He is proud of his store—the fulfillment of his American Dream.

Over the past few decades, the store has had two different locations, has been remodeled, and has expanded its services.  The store’s prosperity has rippled across the community, and it serves that community by providing delicious food, great service and jobs for more than 30 people during difficult economic times.

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