Tracy McGlothian

Tracy is an experienced sewer who teaches students how to sew as a hobby, but would love to teach vocational sewing as well. She also has an MBA. At TMOG, which she co-owns with her husband Jon, she manages a sewing and embroidery business and teaches sewing lessons.

Currently, all of Tracy’s sewing lessons are “avocational.” In other words, they’re targeted for people who want to sew as a hobby and not as a career. Though she’s allowed to teach hobbies at an unlicensed school like TMOG, she’s not allowed to teach students how to earn a living there.

  • December 24, 2018    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Virginia Teaching

    License to Teach? Virginia Stops Family Business From Teaching Useful Job Skills

    Jon and Tracy McGlothian have a simple dream: they want to teach others the skills they’ve built over a lifetime of work, both to support themselves and to provide greater opportunity for individuals in their community. Their small business wants to offer classes to adults. What sounds simple, however, has become complicated because Virginia won’t…

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