Vickee Byrum

Vickee Byrum developed her design skills on the job, first providing accounting and administrative services for an established interior designer and then moving into the creative side of the business.  Vickee had the opportunity to help provide design services to a client on a particular project, and from that experience she learned both how much she loved interior design as well as how much innate talent and skill she had for it.  Since then, Vickee opened Yellow Door Design and has become a full-service designer offering her services to primarily residential clients running the gamut from 2,000-square-foot homes all the way to 9,000-square-foot mansions.  Not only does she find her work fulfilling on a personal level as she helps create a personalized  “nest” for each client, it has also turned out to be a perfect career for a single mother—enabling Vickee to work out of her home and have a flexible schedule so that she has plenty of time with her daughters.

  • May 9, 2007    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Texas Interior Design

    Challenging Texas’ Licensing of Speech For Interior Designers

    Vickee Byrum is an interior designer, but, remarkably, the State of Texas insists that she keep that fact a secret. While anyone in Texas may legally provide interior design services, state law dictates that only those with government-issued licenses may call themselves “interior designers” or use the words “interior design” to describe what they do.…

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