Texas resident Kaylee Morgan, a stay-at-home mother of five, checked out several books from the Navasota Public Library in March 2023. The books were for her children, whom she was homeschooling. Though Kaylee ultimately returned all the books, complications she experienced with her pregnancy at the time caused her to return the books late.

Kaylee assumed there was no issue until she went to renew her driver’s license. That’s when she discovered she had a $570 fine stemming from the overdue books. Kaylee was never warned about the overdue books. The library never called her, and its notices were sent to one of Kaylee’s old addresses. Nevertheless, Kaylee appeared in Navasota Municipal Court where she pleaded guilty to violating Navasota’s library ordinance.

Navasota’s issuance of a fine and arrest warrant stemming from some unreturned library books violates the U.S. Constitution and caused a well-meaning woman to be convicted of a misdemeanor crime. That’s why Institute for Justice (IJ) issued a statement condemning the city of Navasota and its municipal court for its grossly inappropriate and unconstitutional actions.




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