Ari Bargil

Senior Attorney


The Florida Bar

Ari Bargil is a senior attorney with the Institute for Justice. He joined IJ’s Miami Office in September of 2012, and litigates constitutional cases protecting economic liberty, property rights, school choice, and free speech in both federal and state courts.

In 2019, Ari successfully defended two of Florida’s most popular school choice programs, the McKay Program for Students with Disabilities and the Florida Tax Credit Program, before the Florida Supreme Court. As a direct result of the victory, over 120,000 students in Florida have access to scholarships that empower them to attend the schools of their choice.

Ari frequently represents property owners battling aggressive zoning regulations and excessive fines in state and federal court nationwide. He has represented a small-business owner in Dallas, Texas, and a married couple in Wilmington, North Carolina, in challenges to highly controversial “amortization” ordinances—laws that unconstitutionally seek to eradicate already-existing legal land uses. Ari has also litigated in state and federal court challenging the constitutionality of catastrophic fines for trivial code-enforcement violations.

Ari also litigates on behalf of entrepreneurs in cutting-edge First Amendment cases. He was co-counsel in several federal appeals court cases challenging restrictions on occupational speech, including on behalf of a Florida dairy creamery who wanted to share truthful information on its labels and a holistic health coach who wanted to share advice about nutrition with her clients. In 2017, Ari was honored by the Daily Business Review as one of South Florida’s “Most Effective Lawyers.”

In addition to litigation, Ari regularly testifies before state and local legislative bodies and committees on issues ranging from occupational licensing to property rights regulation. Ari has also spearheaded several successful legislative campaigns in Florida, including the effort to legalize the sale of 64-ounce “growlers” by craft breweries and the Florida Legislature’s passage of the Right to Garden Act—a reform which made it unlawful for local governments to ban residential vegetable gardens throughout the state.

Ari’s work has been featured by USA TodayNPRFox NewsWashington PostMiami HeraldDallas Morning News and other national and local publications.

A native Floridian, Ari attended The Florida State University College of Law, where he was a member of the law school’s Business Review and worked as a Research Assistant with The James Madison Institute, Florida’s premier free market think tank. Ari received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in 2006.

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