Policymaker Briefing on License to Work: Removing Barriers to Workforce Participation in Your State

The Institute for Justice recently published the third edition of License to Work. This new report provides an updated snapshot of state licensing requirements for 102 lower-income occupations – including barbers, landscape contractors, and interior designers – across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.  

We invite you to join the Institute for Justice, lawmakers, and policy experts as we take a deep dive into the study and occupational licensing barriers. Lisa Knepper, Senior Director of Strategic Research, will provide an overview of the report and highlight key findings. Meagan Forbes, Director of Legislation and Senior Legislative Counsel, and Jessica Poitras, Legislative Counsel, will discuss how to use this research to advance legislative opportunities in your state. The program will be moderated by Trace Mitchell, Litigation Fellow.  

Bring your expertise and questions for a lively panel discussion to learn best practices and to jumpstart new ideas for the upcoming session.  

Special Guests

Lisa Knepper
Senior Director of Strategic Research
Meagan Forbes
Director of Legislation and Senior Legislative Counsel
Jessica Poitras
Legislative Counsel
Trace Mitchell
Litigation Fellow

Register here: Policymaker Briefing Webinar