How do I become an IJ Clinic client?

Instead of being a walk-in service and providing legal assistance on individual legal matters, the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship forges meaningful, long-term relationships with a small group of entrepreneurial clients and focuses on helping them achieve their dreams. While we represent a limited number of clients at a time, we are happy to refer you to other legal services and share additional resources for entrepreneurs in the Chicago area.

Some of the legal services we provide to entrepreneurs include:

  • Set up a business organization.
  • Structure relationships among founders and investors.
  • Negotiate a lease.
  • Draft and negotiate contracts.
  • Advise on employees and independent contractors.
  • Protect intellectual property.
  • Apply for licenses and permits.
  • Understand and comply with regulations.

Client Eligibility Criteria

The IJ Clinic takes a holistic look at every applicant – the most basic requirements to be a client are as follows:

  • Founders of the business are under-resourced. Dependent on household size, annual household income must be at or below 150% of the federal poverty level.
  • You’re interested in working long term and closely with the IJ Clinic to answer your legal questions
  • The business must/plan to be a for-profit entity.
  • Your business aims to make a difference in your family and the community with momentum to grow.
  • The business must be physically located in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, preferably within the limits of the City of Chicago. Do you own a small business in Chicago  

If you meet the eligibility criteria and believe our legal services would be beneficial to your business, please reach out to us via our contact form or by phone at (773) 834-3129. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to determine whether or not your business is a good fit for the IJ Clinic.

Please be aware the IJ Clinic does not offer walk-in appointments and is not a drop-in clinic during normal business hours.

Are your legal needs urgent?

If you have urgent legal needs that involve: bankruptcy, criminal cases, custody, evictions, divorces, probate, employment/worker’s compensation.
Please contact CARPLS: 312-738-9200, Legal Aid Chicago: 312-341-1070, or Chicago Volunteer Legal Services (CVLS): 312-332-1624

Have questions about having a non-profit?

Check out our page on non-profit assistance.