November 17, 2016

In the past few years, Texas has become a beacon of economic liberty. Thanks to our victories for casket sellers, eyebrow threaders and—most recently—craft brewers, the Lone Star State has the highest standard of protection for economic liberty of any state under both the U.S. Constitution and its own state constitution.

On October 20, we held an all-day conference titled Economic Liberty: Lone Star Leadership on the implications of these cases and wider issues of judicial engagement, across the street from our Texas office. Participants included former and current Texas Supreme Court justices, Texas judges at other levels and Texas attorneys. 

Our goal was to convey to prominent members of the Texas legal community how the constitutional law of economic liberty is developing for the better in Texas. This conference illustrates that not only does IJ change the law in court, but we also get that message out to specialists so that they can better use that precedent in their own cases.u

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