October 4, 2016

Why does the government get in the way of letting entrepreneurs thrive? To answer this question and more, IJ has launched “IJ Asks Why.”

This new initiative aims to encourage entrepreneurs, government officials and others to question the underlying justification for laws that stand between entrepreneurs and their ability to fulfill their American Dream. Through new lawsuits, research and exciting activism projects, IJ Asks Why will hold officials accountable for infringing on Americans’ right to economic liberty.

As part of the initiative, IJ released Open for Business, a new report outlining seven simple steps cities can take to foster economic growth by unleashing the transformative power of economic liberty. The report suggests that cities take a different approach from the grand plans and regulations that typify government-directed economic development. By reducing the barriers to entrepreneurship and eliminating unjustifiable economic regulations, local governments can unleash the creative potential of their citizens and empower individuals to put themselves to work.

The report recommends that cities:

  •  Streamline business licensing;
  •  Reduce or remove restrictions on street vendors and food trucks;
  •  Allow for more competition in transportation markets;
  •  Liberalize regulation of signage;
  •  Expand opportunities for home-based businesses;
  •  Reduce the burden of overly restrictive zoning codes; and
  •  Remove unnecessary regulations for food businesses.

Check out www.ijaskswhy.com to read Open for Business and help IJ ask government bureaucrats why?

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