October 4, 2016

For 25 years, IJ has helped change the world. From opening taxi markets across the nation to defending school choice programs from attack; from saving more than 16,000 properties from eminent domain abuse to freeing political speech participation, we set the standard in all areas of our work.

In mid-September, more than 250 IJ Partners and Four Pillars Society members gathered in New York City to celebrate IJ and learn firsthand from our attorneys and clients how we use litigation, communications, activism and research to achieve real-world results for our clients and every person working hard to achieve their American Dream.

Anniversary attendees also heard from syndicated columnist George F. Will and Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Paul Gigot about the crucial role IJ plays in the larger fight for liberty and the increasing importance of our mission to the future of the country.

In an exciting announcement that will ensure IJ has the resources necessary to fight the foes of freedom for generations to come, President Scott Bullock announced a major new campaign to secure $50 million in planned gift commitments by January 2019. You can learn more about how to participate in this exciting opportunity on page 8. 

We are grateful to every one of our more than 8,000 individual supporters whose steadfast commitment has made IJ the National Law Firm for Liberty. With your continued partnership, we will devote the next 25 years and beyond to making the flame of liberty burn ever brighter.

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