IJ Honored for Its Fight to Advance Food Truck Freedom in D.C.

June 5, 2015

Two years ago, when D.C.’s food trucks were threatened with draconian and senseless parking restrictions that would have put most of them out of business, IJ stepped up and helped them fight back. And as we chronicled in the August 2013 issue of Liberty & Law, that fight against these restrictions, which were aimed at protecting restaurants from competition by food trucks, was successful. The D.C. Council backed down in the face of the public pressure and media attention we helped generate.

Fast forward to today, and D.C.’s food-truck scene is thriving. Last month, the D.C., Maryland and Virginia Food Truck Association honored IJ for its work to save D.C.’s food trucks—as well as the work we have done since then on behalf of food trucks in other cities—by presenting us with its Challenger Award at the association’s inaugural Capital City Food Truck Convention. The award goes to individuals or groups “who transcended the status quo to advance a thriving and vibrant food truck industry.”

We are honored to receive this award from the hundreds of food truck owners and employees in the greater D.C. area, and we’re especially proud to have helped vindicate their right to earn an honest living.

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