Play Ball!

June 5, 2015

Baseball is the American pastime, with the sights and sounds of vendors turning the walk to the stadium into a festive, lively affair. Now, due to the indomitable spirit of former IJ client Larry Miller, that festive spirit has returned to Atlanta.

Readers may recall that IJ persuaded a court to strike down a sweetheart deal that handed all vending in Atlanta over to a single corporation. Ignoring the decision, Mayor Kasim Reed illegally put all street vendors out of work and pushed through a law that eliminated vending outside of Turner Field, where vendors had worked for decades.

Most people would have given up—but not Larry. For months, Larry fought tirelessly on behalf of his fellow vendors. This spring, his efforts paid off when the Atlanta City Council allowed vendors to return to Turner Field. With this victory, Larry and his fellow vendors can get back to work selling their wares and making memories.

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