March 24, 2017

IJ is committed to protecting and promoting school choice in court and at state legislatures. But sometimes promoting school choice means brushing up on our arts and crafts skills for a day of fun. In late January, IJ teamed up with Serving Our Children, the administrator of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, to host our annual National School Choice Week Carnival. The carnival serves to unite the D.C. community and raise awareness about educational choice and the opportunities this program provides.

Every year, hundreds of families in D.C. attend the carnival and apply to the scholarship program, which provides local low-income families with K–12 private school scholarships. This year was no different. While parents learned more about the educational opportunities available, kids played carnival games, enjoyed food and fun snacks and took home books and prizes. D.C.-area rapper Lightshow shared his school choice story with the crowd, and school choice heroine Virginia Walden Ford also spoke to the crowd about the importance of fighting for this program.

The National School Choice Week Carnival is one of our favorite events of the year, and we look forward to continuing the momentum for school choice at the grassroots level and hosting the carnival next year!

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