June 4, 2018

Independent films rarely earn much attention. Little Pink House, however, is proving an exception to the rule.

Written, directed, and produced by filmmakers Courtney and Ted Balaker, Little Pink House showcases the epic legal fight to save Susette Kelo’s little pink house from eminent domain abuse—a fight IJ took all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Not only has Little Pink House earned distribution in 13 of the top 20 markets in just its first few weeks, but it also enjoyed a sold-out screening in the 1,400-seat Garde Theater in New London, Connecticut, where this legal fight originated; a sold-out New York City premiere; and a packed house for a showing at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center that moved one congressman to tears.

Little Pink House continues to earn nationwide coverage that would make a blockbuster blush, including an Associated Press feature, which ran in more than 400 news outlets, and a syndicated column by George F. Will, which read in part: “Next Feb. 24, ‘Little Pink House’ will win the Oscar for best picture if Hollywood’s political preening contains even a scintilla of sincerity about speaking truth to power.” These are just two examples of literally hundreds of overwhelmingly positive press mentions—again, a remarkable achievement in tone, quality, and quantity for an independent film.

All of this was made possible by the seamless teamwork of the filmmakers and IJ staffers from across the organization. Little Pink House’s remarkable launch is a credit not only to the film itself but also to the pluck and principles exhibited by IJ’s clients and all those engaged in the fight to protect constitutional rights.

For more information about Little Pink House, visit ij.org/LPH.

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