Put Your Stock in IJ

April 19, 2022

Did you get hit with a big bill this tax season? Consider fueling IJ’s defense of the Constitution through a gift of stock. Donating appreciated securities—like publicly traded stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares—can be one of the most tax-savvy ways you can fund our fight for freedom.

If you’ve owned a stock or other security for at least a year, you may be able to deduct the fair-market value of the shares regardless of what you originally paid for them—and pay no capital gains tax on the appreciation!

IJ will use your donation to fund our nationwide public interest litigation empowering all Americans to pursue their dreams free from government abuse. And you can be sure your gift will be well spent, as IJ has received Charity Navigator’s highest rating for financial health and transparency 20 years in a row.

Ready to put your stock in IJ? You can see how to easily transfer securities to IJ and learn more about the benefits of doing so by visiting ij.org/donate-stock. Because donor information is stripped from shares during the transfer process, be sure to let us know once you’ve made your gift so we can acknowledge your generosity!

Of course, gifts like these can involve complicated tax analysis. If you are interested in making a donation of securities to IJ, consider consulting with a tax advisor.

If you have any questions about donating stock or other ways you can support our mission, please contact Kenzie Jaicomo at [email protected] or (703) 682-9320 ext. 318. Thank you for standing by our side.

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