Institute for Justice · February 26, 2016

When the state says the process for becoming a licensed makeup artist should be more rigorous than it is for jobs involving life-or-death situations, something is seriously wrong.

WHEC News, an NBC affiliate in Rochester, NY, recently produced a detailed news segment on occupational licensing in the state. According to the report, the NY State Department requires a license to work as a makeup artist. Getting the license requires 600 hours of training and having to pass the state’s written and practical exams. To put that in perspective, the report notes that emergency medical technicians in the New York only have to complete about 140 to 170 hours of training.

The report also features Institute for Justice Director of Strategic Research Dick Carpenter, author of IJ’s extensive report on state occupational licensing laws, License to Work.

“New York is near the top of those states that really make it difficult for people to enter occupations.

What they’re going to have to do is spend enormous amounts of time just earning the license instead of earning a living,” says Dr. Carpenter. “We think this is ridiculous.”

See the full news segment below: