Short Circuit 252 | 13th Amendment at SCOTUS

Not many lawyers alive today can say they’ve litigated a Thirteenth Amendment case (yes, that amendment; the one about slavery). But we at IJ have one, and we’re asking the Supreme Court to take a look at it. What’s before the Court is whether prosecutors who—under political pressure—made a bogus case against a group of nurses are “absolutely immune” from the nurses’ civil rights lawsuit. IJ’s Ben Field explains the stakes in this case from the Second Circuit. Then, Jaba Tsitsuashvili of IJ tells us of a Minnesota police department that holds every person who wasn’t born in the U.S. until it hears back from I.C.E., whether they’re a citizen or not. Um, is that a problem? Jaba explains how the Eighth Circuit explained that, oh yes, it is.

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Cert petition in Anilao v. Spota

Anilao v. Spota (3d Circuit)

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