IJ attorney Josh Windham seizes the microphone and turns it around on your regular host, Anthony Sanders. Josh interviews Anthony about his new book, which comes out on May 9, 2023, Baby Ninth Amendments: How Americans Embraced Unenumerated Rights and Why It Matters.

The book is part history, part legal theory, and part advocacy. It tells the story of how Americans took the words of the Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and put them in various state constitutions. It then explores what that means for how state constitutions protect our rights (a lot) and what judges have done to give those rights protection (not much). Josh and Anthony dig into these issues, how these provisions should be interpreted, how that would change how state constitutions protect our rights, and even how this story might change how we think about the U.S. Constitution itself.

Further, as of May 9 you not only will be able to read the book, but download it for free! You can do that even from the comfort of the podcast app you’re currently using, either from the publisher, University of Michigan Press, or, for Kindle users, from Amazon.

University of Michigan Press page (with free download) for Baby Ninth Amendments

Amazon page (including free Kindle version)

Institute for Justice page for the book

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