Short Circuit 275 | All Constitutional Law is Procedural Nonsense

IJ attorney Paul Avelar seizes the means of production (and the Short Circuit microphone) and hosts this week’s episode, live from IJ’s annual Law Student Conference. He’s joined by IJ attorneys Arif Panju and Ari Bargil, who come on to demonstrate that they are, in fact, different people. Arif first details a recent IJ appellate victory in the Sixth Circuit, where Judge Sutton once again explained that if your name is not “Rooker” or “Feldman” then the Rooker-Feldman doctrine most likely does not apply. Arif also gives the facts of the tragic story of what our clients went through before the “Environmental Court” in Memphis, Tennessee, and where the lawsuit challenging its Kangaroo nature now stands. Then Ari digs into a police raid gone horribly wrong in Harris County, Texas. Not exactly a story of the Lone Star State’s finest, as the Fifth Circuit recently indicated. There’s also much ado about procedure.

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Tuttle v. Sepolio

Hohenberg v. Shelby County

That book Paul won’t stop talking about

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